The band played on

OK, just got back after an unexpected night of watching one of my mates who is the lead singer in a band.  As it turns out – a very good band.  It got….dimensional…

Things that were said to me this evening include:

  •  Christ you’re even more mad than M – and he’s on drugs.
  • Wait a minute – you’re D’s boss?  Jesus, what kind of company do you two work for?
  • You’re a very sexy kisser, where do you live? [the person who said this was leaning against my inner thigh and stroking my shoulder at the time, clichéd but true]
  • Come and jam with us next Monday, it’ll be wicked.
  • That will be 14 pounds please.
  • F*ck me, so you host our website then?  Cool.
  • My real name is Ian too – the band (a famous band) just called me Sid, because it was easier.



5 thoughts on “The band played on

  1. Mr B, your success rate astounds me. No, that sounds like I think it’s undeserved – OK, I’m jealous of your success rate. 😛

  2. In my defence, I was very drunk….. 🙂 and it was just “being friendly” (well, sort of, shhh).

    I still don’t understand what’s going on right now with regard to women – is it girly silly season or something?

  3. I would except it’s an almost total mystery to me. Basically I smile – a lot – in what I hope is a non-creepy or leering way (this works less and less well as the evening progresses if alcohol is involved). I just try to be myself and the kind of person I would like be talking to.

    It helps that I spent the early part of last year reinventing myself – see previous bloggings – and I also started to learn about body language quite seriously which has seen an immense improvement in how I relate to people and how I see them relate to one another. This is not a load of old tosh, teaching myself to notice body language really did turn the tide for me.

    I have always been a “people person” – it’s one of my few natural strengths; an ability to get on with almost anyone in any situation; so perhaps this, coupled with a newly improved self-image (I learned to accept me for who I am and be happy with it), a tuned-in sense of people’s hidden thoughts brought on by shutting up a bit and watching what they’re NOT saying and a dash of luck is what it’s about?

    I worry less now about things that are not important and actively try to take every day as it comes and not make too many unrealistic plans for the future. Plus I am fairly sorted financially with a rock-steady job and a nice (rented) place to live. Perhaps other people reflect my good vibes back at me? Dunno.

    Note that I am not irrepressibly happy all the time nor am I a latter-day Don Juan. Just the right balance. I think…

    I’m still not sure what I want out of life and that includes “relationships”…. 🙂

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