Ah yes, I *could* do that

Yes, I have blogged about this before – I *really* need to get a new profession… 🙂

Sometimes, just sometimes as a computer programmer software developer you get really hacked off stuck with producing dumb error messages for Luddite idiots users too stupid to think for themselves to make it clear that something bad might happen when they blindly click the ok button inadvertently make a mistake.

For some reason I was told asked to reword this message to make it less offensive to doltish morons more conventional. Personally I think “Are you sure you wish to save these changes?” does not convey the required immediate sense of danger.

Don’t do it!


3 thoughts on “Ah yes, I *could* do that

  1. Well – hence my strike-outs on the phrase “computer programmer” because, er, I’m sooooo old that when I first started out no-one got called anything other than; computer programmer, analyst programmer or programming analyst.

    See, easy.

    Now, in the same vein as “waste disposal operatives” (I call them the binmen) and “colleagues” (I call them Sainsbury’s staff) the fashion seems to be to refer to my rolĂ© as “software developer”. [I feel dirty even typing it].

    The late 90s seemed to start the trend IMHO because people wanted to make it sound a bit more involving to “develop software” rather than be some kind of human extension of the hardware which “computer programmer” implies. Personally “software developer” sounds to me like you’re some kind of chemical.

    My passport, renewed last year, still bears the words “Computer Programmer” in the section marked “Occupation”.

    Not that I’m a pedantic old git….no…..

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