Yes, allow, dammit

Ok, this past month and for the next few weeks I have been spending a fair wack of time having to force things to work under Windows Vista. If you have to code for Windows Vista, you’ll understand my pain…and the whole point of this video (everyone else will wonder wtf I am on about).


4 thoughts on “Yes, allow, dammit

  1. Let’s just say it is not “overly helpful” in some ways. Those ways would be: 1. Installing applications. 2. Using applications. 3. Using the computer to copy files from one place to another 4. Connecting one computer to another – especially via wireless networking. 5. Typing the ” or ‘ characters (on my laptop it will not appear until I press another character, such as a space, if the next character happens to be the letter “E” then it assumes I don’t really want to type a ‘e – single quote, letter E but an accented e); not sure if that’s due to my laptop being ‘clever’ or Vista being ‘clever’. At least it automatically shares my music files with anyone on my network by default though eh…. (and yes, I did turn this off when I realised that this is what Vista did by default).

    Lucky I’m a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner or this kind of things would be *really* annoying…
    [read the preceding line in a boomingly ironic/sarcastic voice].

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