Bet you haven’t…

Random things I have done in the last few days (your turn next)…

  • Went salsa dancing.
  • Commented on some Facebook entries and photos
  • Flirted with a  flirty nun (you know who you are)
  • Drank absinthe
  • Cuddled a “dangerous Alsation dog who bites everybody” (who eventually rolled over and let me tickle his tummy and now loves me)
  • Bought  a leather Australian cowboy hat thing
  • Designed a website
  • Played ukelele
  • Told a homeless guy a joke and made him laugh
  • Did something that scared me.  Did it again.
  • Ate some food I never ate before.  (To be fair, this is a bit of a hobby so it’s not that hard).
  • Phoned my dad and told him I loved him

Have fun.


7 thoughts on “Bet you haven’t…

  1. – partied like it was the 1950’s
    – tried to remember how to say ‘how do i get to..’ in French
    – eaten a whole punnett of strawberries

    so nothing much that’s very interesting!

  2. – also partied like it was the 1950s (and loved it)
    – planned to do something that scares me (yet to be done, but wheels are in motion …)
    – spent all day talking to someone I’d never spoken to before via Facebook (fun)
    – flirted with a partly naked computer guy (you know who you are)
    – took photos of myself and sent them to a friend
    – bought a bokashi composter (and started using it)
    – got scared by a random internet person (and consequently spent a fair bit of time anonymising myself online)
    – made chocolate brownies (mmmmm)

  3. This whole partying like the 1950s thing sounds a bit dodgy – didn’t they have powdered egg, ration books and a huge national debt left over from the war? 🙂

    Sammy. A whole punnet of strawberries – snap! Chocolate brownies AND strawberries = even better!

    Katja. The random internet people are the ones you have to watch. I don’t overly anonymise myself but I moved to WordPress so that I could post my more private moments in password-protected posts whilst still keeping the rest of the filth and lies open for the general public. I remember Sammy had problems with (not quite so random) internet people getting a bit dodgy with her – I still have to use my imagination about her passworded posts since she cut down on who could read them..sob… and I know several others in the same boat. It’s a pain really because I hate the idea of having to watch every word I write.

    Oh, and I was lying about the ‘partly’ bit…shhhh… 🙂

  4. It was photos that I suddenly got The Fear about, so I’ve removed or altered the ones that are really obviously me. It’s not hard to work out who I am, but I’d rather not make potential stalkers’ lives too easy. I also hate having to censor myself, and I never used to do it, but have found myself doing it more and more, which is frustrating. Blogging isn’t so much fun when you have to watch what you say.

  5. I agree, photos are a problem and I think Facebook makes me a little nervous in that it seems to give away a little too much about you and not all friends on t’internet are as canny and untrusting. Note that I’ve always made sure that my online photos make it tricky to recognise me unless you actually know who I am. Mind you, so far it’s been people I know that are the problem and not random stalkers…well, not yet anyway… 😉

  6. i just had little pastries with chocolate in and orange marmarlade….mmmmmmm

    oh ps…. oh never mind

    the 50’s was aces.
    my random internet people are never random which disapoints me a bit!

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