Links to the geekery

Wacky people with way too much time on their hands and a little too much money.

Disney demonstrate code reuse – You’ll never look at the seven dwarves in the same way again.

Proof that I’m quite normal really…maybe…

My hardware is inadequate, burn that ozone layer

Spot the passenger

Blah blah facebook, blah blah blah too busy recently to blog blah blah blah accidentally bought something on ebay for 430 quid (ouch) blah blah blah new people in flat below me are noisy blah blah I’ve bought some congitas (no really, I was going to anyway) which might sort out the men from the boys in terms of who is the noisiest neighbour – my prediction, I will win by 300 decibels or more.

Laters aligators, when I’ve got more time…


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