Ooooh I’ve been bad

Oops. I’ve been working hard and this has swelled my bank balance to something quite sexy.

Naturally, this immediately means I have to spend loads of it….so I have been bad. Very baaaad.

Ah, I also seem to have made friends from the black parka-wearing homeless guy in the theatre district. I don’t know what his story is but he now says heloo to me and I give him the thumbs up and he smiles and does a thumbs up to me. I think I brighten his day. It makes me feel a little bit human every day. This Saturday I’m going to go and buy him some breakfast (he doesn’t know it yet) because I know he likes the pork sarnies from “Munchies” on the market because we sat next to each other last week (and I talked to him, which might be why he give me a hello and a thumbs up).

I have bought one of these:

Wammy pedal mmmmmm

Which will make my guitar (a fender copy by Beringer doncha know) go wheeeeee. Read all about it here.

I have headphones, but, to be frank, I might just turn it up to 11 and annoy the neighbours since they insist on playing their horrible Night Rider remix CDs over and over again REALLY loud. Also, after too many absinthes, I may come over all Jimmy Hendrix. Yip yip yip.

I also bought a ukelele (mine is yellow with pineapples on it). I still don’t think I’ve tuned it right. I was discussing the finer points of my-dog-has-fleas tuning with one of my underlings who is the lead singer in a local rock band when it suddenly occurred to me I’m turning into some kind of weirdo music freak. Thank God I didn’t mention the Bodhran and the congas I am planning to buy. I love percussion. It’s just so…well….I dunno…it’s cool.

I’ve had a really rubbish day at work. Not bad, I love my job, but just really really busy with loads of horrible problems to solve all day. So now I’m home with Judge Judy on in the background (Judge Judy rocks) and a very nice bottle of Sancerre resting in my belly. Yup.

Oh, and I spent yesterday at the zoo.

So, a video which features conga drums and ukelele and my favourite uke player in one is in order…(apologies for the screaming Americans…tut tut)

and if that’s not enough….go for the filthy ukelele….

Right now I am eating a plate of quail’s eggs, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, chortizo and chilli garlic from the snoggable garlic company.

Sadly, this is all true.

Really, do you want to be the one that has the best party of the year or the one that complains about the noise from the neighbours?


5 thoughts on “Ooooh I’ve been bad

  1. Thanks for the space. Hope you liked the garlic. Where did you buy it from are you a regular customer?
    Did you know that you can join the snoggable garlic club?
    Kind regards

  2. Oooo I’ve been spotted by Snoggable Garlic 🙂 Yes, I have been a regular customer – thanks to the Farmer’s markets in Woburn and Milton Keyne’s Theatre District. I did take a look at the club but that involves me not being lazy and actually emailing you, heh heh. You really should update your website to show which markets you’re going to be at so I don’t have to stumble across you at random (but then I guess that’s what the garlic club is for!)

    …and for the rest of you – yes, the snoggable garlic REALLY is that good and no I don’t know Belinda, I just like her products. I especially recommend the Chilli garlic for cooking.

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