Thank you speccy boy

Dear Bill Gates,

can I just take a few moments to thank you so much for Windows Vista?

It’s a really lovely, pretty, zoomy, clicky, tricky memory filler with lots and lots of bells and whistles and really cool stuff like the ALT and windows key thing which makes everyone go “wow!” (apparently).

My shiny  arse-kicking laptop with its 17 inch wide screen 2gb of RAM 200gb hard drive computer guy sex toy loves it to bits….and so do I.

I love Windows Vista because absolutely every software house I know has “issues” with their software products at the moment and that means lots of lovely well remunerated work for me.  So far Bill this has paid for all my lovely food ; pictured earlier, the deposit for my lovely flat, some new clothes, all my furniture in my lovely flat, my statues of Buddha (ironically), all the beers and booze I bought for my little sister recently when it was her birthday and it’s going to buy me some really cool new furniture next week.

Bill,  I thank you from the bottom of my client’s wallets.



p.s. If you could fix my webcam so it works under Vista that would be great.


3 thoughts on “Thank you speccy boy

  1. It wouldn’t normally need to be that big but the compression rates on pornography and illegally downloaded music are just not as good as they used to be. Well, that, and all my dossiers and secret filth files on all my friends…. 🙂

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