What’s in your fridge?

I was in the process of cleaning out my fridge when a friend (HL) called. “What are you doing?” she says. “Er, rather boringly I decided to do some housekeeping and right now I’m cleaning out my fridge”. “Ooh”, she says, “what’s in your fridge then, send me a photo so I can see?”

I had to explain most of the things to her with little comments on the end of the phone like “blimey”and “cor, I lurve that”. We are going agree a menu before she comes for dinner… 🙂

Here, for your delictation (and the third blogging today – I *must* be bored) is a photo of most of the contents of my fridge, along with an explanation; I realise some of the items are a bit odd. I cook nearly everything I eat from scratch rather than from packets.
Punctuation’s fridge contents, 6 May 2007

From the top left: Blavod Black Vodka, Bismarks (Swedish herring hors d’oeuvres), cranberry & raspberry juice, grape juice, organic brown mushrooms, lumpfish caviar, sorrel, wild rocket (in bag), vine tomatos, a lemon (waxless), fresh coriander, fennel, sweet yellow pepper, white onions, sweet potato, zucchini, celeriac (the big round thing) red onion, fresh raspberries, green and black’s organic 85% dark chocolate, fresh blueberries, duck eggs, falafel, wild boar choritzo, Epoisses french cheese (in the round box above the choritzo – this is one of the smelliest cheeses in the world and I had to put it back inside two plastic bags after the photo), cold oak smoked ostrich (in the gold packet – I kid you not, there is an ostrich farm near me), petit basque cheese (in the Waitrose bag), taste the difference reservé Gruyere, monks revenge (just above the Waitrose bag – it’s a lethally strong goat cheese), nun’s revenge (similar but different taste), mature hard goat’s cheese (a bit like Parmesan), Total 0% fat greek yogurt, Sainsbury’s be good to yourself soft cheese with onion and chives.

I didn’t include things like the milk or the lavazza expresso coffee or anything that was ready for the bin.

So, what’s in your fridge then?


17 thoughts on “What’s in your fridge?

  1. That is a pretty darn healthy fridge! I only have a mini fridge in my room, but it’s current contents are listable…

    1 x bar of Godiva Dark
    1 x bar of Lindt

  2. Hi. Not visited for AGES and can’t remember your password and you’ve loads of password protected blogs now!

    Currently in my fridge I have beetroot, coleslaw, squirty cream and dairylea triangles. I need to go shopping clearly.

  3. I do have lots of pasta and rice in my cupboards..just nothing really to go with them bar more pasta and rice!

  4. (Interesting: the reverse of Atkins is Snikta, which is nearly Skinta, which is what you get when you eat nothing but meat. (I admit it: I thought at first it WAS Skinta, but then I checked it carefully. Hence this whole aside nearly being irrelevant and useless)).
    How odd.
    I applaud everything in your fridge. No, really. There isn’t an item there I don’t like and pick regularly when I’m in Sainsburys or at the market.
    If you also had hummas and some olives, and a jar of Nutella guiltily squirreled away at the back of a cupboard, then I’d have to question if we were separated at birth.

  5. The worrying thing is that when I first read your comment I thought you said “If you also had humans and some olives…” which, of course, I haven’t because I keep the humans under the patio (which takes some effort since I live in a second floor flat).

  6. I have to say that i am very impressed with the contence of your fridge. You are pretty healthy. I love falafel but so rarely find anywhere to get it. I cant be bothered to make my own.
    In my fridge at the mo… well its pretty good i think. Veggies and yoghurt with some grape juice and things like unsalted butter for baking and milk and um some jam.
    Not bad for me. I need to give it a little clean out so thanks for reminding me. The lasagne that we made is in there (leftovers) so it makes everything smelly.

  7. No, luckily I live near the Theatre District and they have this really really good market on about four days of the week. I actually don’t have a freezer because there’s never any point! I lurve cooking (almost as much as I lurve eating). 🙂

  8. That does look like a healthy fridge. I’m admirant of all the vegies and fruit and fancy cheese. I like the “purple grape juice”. In the US, it’s just “grape juice”, unless it’s made with white grapes, and then it’s “white grape juice”.

    Duck eggs? Are those widely available?

  9. Hi Lisa, duck eggs – yes, in the UK these are very widely available and most main supermarkets carry them. They’re nearly always free-range and organic, which is an added bonus. They’re like really “eggy” chicken’s eggs, the best you’ve ever had. My mother (and ex-mother-in-law) both used to keep chickens so I am missing having freshly laid eggs. My mum also had ducks and geese. Her ducks laid very pretty blue eggs and that’s where I got the taste for them. Now geese eggs – they’re HUGE and equivalent to 6 standard hen’s eggs and taste similar to duck eggs. I can feel my arteries hardening just thinking about them! You only needed one to make enough omelette to feed several people. 🙂

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