The Jackson 5 said “don’t blame it on the sunshine, just blame it on the boogie”.  I say, “don’t blame in on the vodka, just blame it on the bogeys”.

To recreate this effect; take a 1 litre bottle of vodka.  Pour at least half of it into a jug.  Add a fruit-based juice.  Cranberry something works well as does Sainsbury’s breakfast juice.  Add ice, but not too much (God did not intend vodka to be watery).

Now drink it.  All.

Stage 2: Pick up a computer keyboard,  internet connection, email program and a working mobile phone.  Light the blue touch paper and participate in the mayhem.

Oh dear, it will all seem so complicated in the morning…  🙂


9 thoughts on “Mischief

  1. Ooh have changed the email address via the lovely people at wordpress. Can you check it’s the right one registered?

  2. You should have an email from me with the password now!

    ..and my step-father is Polish (that’s with a capital P 🙂 ) and therefore my sister and I have been forced for some years to drink very strong vodka instead of water. It does make the tea taste funny though…

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