Well, last day at work all done and dusted. I didn’t get a thing done from 16:30 onwards as loads of my ex-colleagues went on to MSN or email and said their goodbyes – bless ’em. To continue the theme of staff revealing things about themselves (ahem, protected posts go into a little more detail) two colleagues told me that they intend to hand their notices in on Monday. One is off to Italy, the other is off to Japan. I’m aware of a few other potential escapees so the place will be like the Marie Celeste if something doesn’t change soon.

My new boss phoned at 18:00 the same day. The conversation went like this:

New boss: So, all finished then?

Me: Yes. Gone and not going back.

New boss: Excellent! I just phoned to say YOUR ARSE IS MINE. See you at the managment meeting 9am Monday morning biatch. [laughs loudly and hangs up]

Ah yes, it’s all coming back to me now…

A little movie for my ex-colleagues


2 thoughts on “Freedom!

  1. No problem. Some of his stuff is a bit sickly (as it can be with Peter, Paul and Mary) but the harmonies are fantastic. I’ve been trying to learn how to play it on guitar myself – it just shows what a talented musician he was (and how appalling I am!)

    If you do go on You Tube try this version (one of the best):

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