Name the first thing you see in the mirror

Oh dear, oh deary deary me…


9 thoughts on “Name the first thing you see in the mirror

  1. Well, to be fair, I think it’s symptomatic of many western societies including our own. It’s easy to find people who are absolutely clueless about all sorts of cultures (Jade Goody being an extreme of this though). However, the people in the video are just really REALLY worryingly wrong about some very key aspects of geography and world politics. Please God, nobody put them in charge of the White House….oh wait….

  2. My favourite one was “name a country that begins with ‘U'” and most of them really struggled – then he said to one person, “what about ‘United States'”…. 🙂

  3. To be fair, when put on the spot, a lot of reasonably intelligent people will come up with the stupidest answers – and you’ll probably find that there were a fair few people who answered sensibly who didn’t make it on to the film clip. Still – funny 😉

    Oh, and hello! Good to know you’re still around.

  4. This is true – there might be an outtakes clip where several people gave really smart answers and made the interviewer look daft too….maybe…. 🙂 oh, and hello again to you too!

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